Midnite - In Awe

I Hold His Majesty in Awe
I Hold His Megaliths in Awe
In Awe in Awe in Awe

Look at the people is Raw Power
Each fe excellent inna them field and demeanor
Like how the garden look so tasteful
When the bloom
is upon ya

Jah hold the mansions of the different rooms
of the Thunda
When the weather conditions all the people are in awe
in Awe in Awe in Awe

Behold His Majesty in Awe
Behold His Megaliths in Awe
in Awe in Awe

Ghana The Volta
Blessed Be The Almighty for the River
The journey out of Sudan, Mesopotamia
Out of Mecca and Medina

Sudan regional ancient
Royal Kingdom of Ghana
Well we mingle much more serious since that

In the cities in the streets
Nuff a get them immigration documentation things
In order paper
And then you have these who have managed the area
Generation to generation
Ebony paddling, awoh
Marina looking like gondola
Well hold the economy stand centa
The new day is potential Raw
in awe in awe
Hold the breath of life in awe
in Awe in Awe in Awe

Blessed Be The Almighty for the River
Whose streams also shall make glad the City of Jah
Nile River

And the new sea forming inna Qadamawi the Emperor

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