Midnite - For His Speech

That ur guilty, is a given
On the media was ur spokesman
It's now been on numerous occasions
The compensation of who medically attending
I'm sure there are incidents unspoken
Like certain crime which has never been printed
I pray for people, in the whole land
I pray for families, down in the west end
Pray for the safety of the workmen
The island economics done deep in da situation
And as the smoke is not ganja smoke second hand
It's no joke, so don't play wit people life (mi son)
They would a crucified they have in Jah Jah son
If its in the business interest to cut down a whole forest
All the eco-chain connected
Suffer the same fate in removed
That's when the topsoil eroded
And in the mountain was cut open
Asphalt and Fitch Ina covering
Your factories in the air releasing chemicals
Endangering people life within competence
Through dem think we no have representation
In the area of Lawsuit of a Billion
Look how many people are affected
Asleep at night while resting in their bed's
Chemicals dispersing over residential
Admitting it straight-up in de open: numerous of unknown toxins
People with respiratory problems
People wit malignant skin lesions
These ones responsible for that ongoing
Act like we voiceless and leaderless
As if we are mute and isolated
All of a sudden right now is numerous of incidents
When the public outcry was evaded
They keep on acting like its nothing
Figure it out from upwind and from downwind
Which communities are most affected
Drifting over whole entire villages
Considered us neither coherent nor cohesive
They consider us shut off and isolated
Consider us shut off and disconnected
The sickness and the symptoms are all hopeless
Not even money can fill niceness Ina illness

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