Midnite - 360

How it come out
'pon the label
Part one the scene
Pon the register 'pon the turntable
An art come eeen

And then the form metamorph
Like them don't regard
That part is the history
And it bruk out a wall
Reach the world afterall
High King Selassie I the first
This is the master of verse with finalities

And the people have dem selection fe which dem a reach
when traveling journeys
And before you even realize
you reach how the vibes stay pleat

Mek a heaven whey you deh deh ave you choose it away
And leave
If instructional word people don't wan't to heard
When is plea
Afraid of the wait and see
End up 360

Everyone in reality inna similarity
Look how everywhere you reach
a look alike you see to somebody
Music whey help people take their stand
New music worldwide always in demand
Jah give the mountain waters and the sand
They watching the metamorphosis of expression
interesante song
This is how it move alang
analee a hill and valley
Itiful country country
Country nah fe so jumpy
Fe steady and easy

Is really a scenic drive to see
And the spirit ina right vibrationally
Inna the natural how to see
How the earth look free
And the birds and the bees done see
See you a pree
And come in visitationally
Is a Rastaman he be

Haile Selassie
Yabba pot ina jeep

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