Matisyahu - Vow Of Silence (Shalom)

Adam ate the apple, Eve talked to the snake
Sara died while her son was on a stake
Rivka taught Jacob how to manipulate
Take what you want, destiny can change
Brothers get jealous, hearts filled with hate
Josef makes dreams with his finger on their fate
David wants a flower and a flower he takes
Sending men to their death - is it ever too late?
Simon, Reuven and Levi, they can't control their rage
They kill everybody after Dina gets raped
Nobody's perfect, hope you can relate
Avraham take a stand, how could you send them away?

Yevorechecho Adonai Veishmerecho
Yoair Adonai Ponov Elecho Vyichuneko
Isso Adonai Ponov Elecho Veyosaim Lecho Shalom
Shalom, Shalom - Yevorechecho

Moshe hit the rock, teach me to talk
Watch the way they laugh, look at how they gawk
Don't let 'em get ya down, circle high like a hawk
I know you're on your hunt like a mountain lion stalk
Trading money for seeds, give 'em what you got
Wrestling with the giants, Jake and the beanstalk
Invest in the heavens, I know you want a lot
Potholes, fishing lines, you keep getting caught

When the pressure's all around you and ya keep cavin' in
I know you wanna conquer, want to be a champion
I know you hate to lose, you only want to win
But that's not how it goes in this world we're livin' in
Can't stop their goals, this is sink or swim
Trust your instincts, gotta trust your vision
Jump into the water, move quick with your fins
We been through so much now, I can't give in

Yevorechecho Adonai Veishmerecho
Yoair Adonai Ponov Elecho Vyichuneko
Isso Adonai Ponov Elecho Veyosaim Lecho Shalom
Shalom, Shalom

I know it doesn't matter
What I say to you
You gotta be who you are
Ain't that the truth
I love the way you sparkle
Representing for the Jews
Shalom my son, peace unto you
With your kippah and your tzitzit
My little man lookin' so neat
Swingin' for the hills
They can't knock you off your feet
Ice cold like the snow or the hail or some sleet, I repeat

Slip through their fingers
Stay away from these creeps
You're a fighter, you're a lighter
Little brother gettin' tougher
They won't touch ya, they can't cut ya
You're a ninja slayin' dragons
Nunchucks and throwing stars
Smoke bombs and race cars
My little guy livin' large
Showin' them who's in charge
I know it's tough, I know it's hard
Tryin' to prove yourself
Can't be an easy job

Moshe hit the rock
You gotta learn how to talk
You wanna make it in the promise land
Stand inside the chalk
Talk to the water, talk to the sheep
Talk to the grass and the dirt beneath
Let yourself cry, let yourself weep
But fend for yourself
When ya out on the street
Stand tall, be big or the lions will eat
The wolves will feed
To them you're just meat
They wanna sink their teeth
And drink ya blood so sweet
You're a prince, don't you know
My number one Scorpio

So grab your sword and your shield
Grab your arrows and your bow
It's time, where can we go
To find some place
Where we won't need to blow
Show 'em what you know
Show the children what you know
Shalom, Shalom
Show the children what you know
Show 'em all what you know
Shalom, Shalom
How to shoot sparks
That sparkle in the rain
Light flames
To you it's all the same

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