Matisyahu - Reservoir

I just wanna talk to You now
This is for the One
You kept me alive
And so I thank You

Moses is on his way down town
Yehoshua maintaining the fountain
Right about now, I should be over Chicago
Lights out the window
Levy breaks, flow like diamonds
All these babies crying, ideas flying round

It's time to come down from the mountain
Welcome home, just stick to the plan
But how can I be like the stars and sand
It's only man who commands
He put this one in our hands
Two tabs of stone, I'm alone
While these fans keep circling over the land

Helicopter blades, I crave some breeze
I wait for you, will you wait for me
Wait for me, please, 40 days and 40 nights
But I can't stand much more, hey

So you think you understand
What's pure and un-pure
Now it's pouring, my soul is on the floor

You think ya know so much
That I'm so out of touch
I tossed in the crutch to the aish tamid

I walk with a limp
With a wound that bleeds
While all these animals feed
With their envy and greed
Small minds wanna see
They wanna chop this tree
Cut me down, pressure to concede

And give in to what y'all believe is me
But I'm a fight, I'm a light, I'm the glory of the king
I'm the song that ya sing, the melody that ya bring
Sharp teeth and venom that stings

Not gonna bring me to my knees
I'm a fish in this here sea
Evil eye won't get at me
I just wanna finish this thing

Not gonna bring me to my knees, no

I'm going down, down to go up
From the pits to Mitzrayim
From the dungeon to the kingdom
To my stage offerin'
I can't give up and won't give in
I'm the blood of Jacob
I'll keep struggling

Like Joseph, my brothers wanna sell me out
I had the dream, time to leave the doubt
Multi-colored coat with blood on my sleeves
Best believe it ain't from no beasts

Got no car, I walked around this reservoir
This is David's heart
Rainbow colored cry
From the end to the start

This is David's heart
A rainbow colored cry from the end to the start

Phantoms and ghosts
Raise your glass and make a toast

This is for the One
Hakadosh baruch hu
What we been through
Me and you

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