Kabaka Pyramid - The Sound

[Verse 1]
Yeah yeah, that a the sound when the rhyme reach me
Inna me mind if the rhyme please me
Then me find time fi put it 'pon the right beat fi it
Diggy digging 'bout nine feet deep fi find it, hey
And if him find it, him haffi go provide it
Any beat me collide with, me pick a fight with
Tump up the kick, cut the snare with me knifey
Lyrics dem hot like grabba a Standpipe
It no easy now, fi find lyrics like these yah now
Hol' a seat a mek we reason now
Cah me without the rhyme is like weed without the THC
Doctors without the PhD
Officers without the gun 'pon waist, so when me buss a rhyme
Me have it lock and me a cut it like Busta Rhyme
Me buss a line like me skip to the front of it
Do it for free cah me spit fi the fun of it
Yeah, so me a vocalise
Cah nuff a dem a spit total lies over mics
And now with me dem waan fi socialise
Becah me music it no localise, is no surprise
Say, me nah no no hook 'pon da tune yah
But when me done dem a go hook 'pon da tune yah
When me spit me next line
Every woman inna the dance a go ask what is number of me next line
It a go tek time fi me buss
Big, no mini bus
Yesterday you see me 'pon the mini bus
Crush linen stuff, no tight skinny stuff
Down to me wallabees
Gyal, I hear you holla please
Cah all a these artist fake
Dem no see say this artist great
Weh dem a orchestrate
Dem tell me say me Clarks is fake
And when dem the the touch stage, bokkle cross dem face
Yeah, yeah
Dem feel say dem a the toppa thing
And one year pass and me figet say dem did drop a thing
Wannabes, true dem drop a Sting
Now dem head hot, like a top a spin
True dem drop a Sumfest, dem a confess
Dem a the real thing
Sizzla Kalonji dem, a dem a the real thing
Buju, Capleton, yo a dem a the real king
Dem music make me ras up and seal things

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