Kabaka Pyramid - Prophecies

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Prophecy, prophecy, prophecy

First of all, mek we take it back to basics
Way before the slaveships
Africa's the basis of humanity's matrix
In my DNA is, the history of the races
Images of places, we visited and stayed in
Evolution changes from minerals to babies
Looking at the foetus, I still can witness all the stages
The wisdom of the ages, was given unto sages
Pictures were engraved in the villages of the natives
Leaders were selected, people were protected
Reason was neglected and belief it was expected
To keep us all connected
Deeply indebted to the God and to respect it
That thought quickly crept in
Brains were developed and the spirits start to dwell in
The mind dem we communicate with, languages and spelling
Travelling and spreading, planning and rebelling
Races developing, but man was still descending
Building large cities was the pattern that was trending
Religion was the engine, division over blending
Only the few could get the knowledge that was pending
Until Christ entered, into Yeshua a the ending
The deliver the... prophecy

And now is love that I-man sending, to be my brothers keeper
Genesis 4:9

The hill is so much steeper
I got to keep ascending from the psychical to ether
Risen from a creature, to living as a teacher
Delivered from the isms and the schisms of the preacher
Psychic abilities instilled with dem a features
Tap into the memories of nature when I filter
Involuntarily the strong will help the weaker
And the fact, that there's no, need for money make it sweeter
Racial oneness prophesied by the Negus
Selassie say, differences in colour is beneath us
Martin Luther said, oneness is what him dream of, it's the ethos
Soon it will be printed in the Gleaners
These are the prophecies of the Pyramid
'Pon the Accurate Mixtape, I hope you could a keep up
Prophecy, yeah

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