Kabaka Pyramid - Lyrical Anomaly (ft. Chronixx)

Alright then
Listen to the words weh Kabaka P send
Tek notes a me style and pattern weh me blend
Nuff a dem a Eden and nuff a dem a Sheden
But me no pree dem

'Cause I'm a lyrical anomaly
Scientist dem waan fi study me inna laboratory
Me spiritual anatomy
It mystical like ancient scriptures of mythology
Biblical analogy

Bebble Rock tuffer than mineral geology
Me spit and me demolish the riddim with no apology
It's written in my policy, the Pyramid philosophy
It simply not misogynist
It balance like equilateral and the isosceles
Me solve the case just like a criminal psychologist
Dissect the chromosome like me is a Genetic Biologist
Sociologist dem waan fi know me role in all a this
And government a pree if me a go overthrow the parliament
Cah dem a pose up like a ornament, all a dem with argument
But dem a tek dem orders from the corporate
Me sting dem like a forty leg
Self-sufficient, no haffi beg a thing
When we pop off, we mek police lock off dem party dem
A could a JLP or PNP, me nah join political party, eh hey
A could a JLP or PNP, me nah vote fi no damn party

Alright then
Listen to the words weh Chronixx come fi send
Tek notes a me style and pattern weh me blend
Nuff a dem a Eden and nuff a dem a Sheden
Hear me now

'Cause I'm a lyrical alien, serious hear me fam
No get me wrong, not the XM radio weh play me song
From me navel string cut in the cradle
All the nurses in the hospital
A ask me mother weh you geyour baby from
How him nose so big, how him thing so long
If a the now a days dem would a *camera snaps*
Post it 'pon Instagram
I'm not the typical, I'm lyrical
Me melodies dem critical and spiritual
No tek me fi no simpleton
Gi' me the riddem mek me slew dem like a Capleton
No care how you build it Fruity Loops a could a Ableton
From me hear the bass
Prepare fi hail me as the great Baby James Jameson
Mix with a likkle Mytoo from 'round a Studio One
All who a say we no lyrical, mek we prove you wrong
A you a say you a general, please remove your damn self
From out the presence a the original Ruler don
Who, plus a weh day me sell my gun
Flip the profit, buy a cooler one
Nah fire no shot fi no pollutician
Fight fi a cause, have a dream like Luther & Marcus & Malcolm
And show dem the example of Emperor Makonnen (Selassie I)
Queen Omega, Ethiopia is the true Zion
When we a sail go home, you think a Jamrock Cruise we on
The 'mount a singers artistes and top musician
Sailing out a Babylon, destination motherland
Who's the owner of this ship, him name Damian
Ask him if him have a likkle space for some aliens
Might know a short cut through the Mediterranean
What's my name, Black Serious Arian
Chronixx you a the baddest thing, no mek it look so bad
So how your verses and your melodies and your hook so bad?
Me read the books a God
So me is like Mozart and Falcucci inna one
Mix with a likkle tups a Bob
So I never mek a politician grant me no favour
Could a JLP or PNP, me no cater
Kabaka and Walshy weh you find da mixtape yah
It a mash up the whole a Jamaica

It gone international
People inna Egypt say the Pyramid have many sides
Multilateral and through me use the rod dem chat 'bout me irrational
Born inna Jamaica, that a the reggae music capital
Till me drop more knowledge, whether theory or practical
If you cyaan manage, go on leave, sabbatical
It's mathematical, if you add Sizzla, Nas, Peter Tosh together
You get lyrical, radical mystical and magical
Wha' do some likke cannibal
Real human being separated from the animals
Me find it kind a comical
The gimmicks weh nuff artist have
Fi get a hit, we no haffi dip inna the naughty bag
Don't fret becah we deh yah fi the people
Every song we sing is like a prayer fi the people
Just fi stay away from evil
The lyrical anomaly alongside the alien deh yah fi feed you

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