Israel Vibration - Feelin' Irie

Are you feelin' irie?
Tell me you feelin' irie!
Kinky Reggae. Rocking reggae
Pon your block we deh play
Roots rock reggae. Hip hop reggae. Block party here today.

Are you feelin' irie? This a weather so sweet.
The sun is shining. Check the Vibes upon the street.
The sun is shining. And this a weather so sweet.
You're feelin' irie. You check the Vibes upon the street.

In winter as we know, we go dashing through the snow
Running from the cold that chills you to your soul
But now that summer's come we say we're splurting in the sun
Down in Brooklyn, Coney Island jollificating, having fun

It's absolutely clear that summertime is here
There's flirting in the sun. The fun will never be done
Remember Labor Day down a Eastern Parkway
And Independence Day that a down a JA

Chilling in the mall and hanging in the park
Levi, Fila, Guess, Kani the modelers a walk
Splurting in the sun, the fun will never done
Down Brooklyn Coney Island say the fun never done

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