I Kong - Zion's Pathway (Trod Along)

Come along brothers and sisters,
Trod along Zion's pathway.
If you are troubled in Spirit,
Thou shall not enter there.

For no man knoweth when the Father comes.
One can't predict it, like the setting of the sun.
Life, life ain't no bed of roses,
We've all got to take our chances.
I've been telling you!

Come home.

Many shall be called, yet few chosen.
What's hidden in the dark must reveal to light.
Night, night shall then turn to day,
The Shepherd shall chase them wolves away.
Don't you hear?

Come home, come on home.

They and them who fight the sons of Jah,
Shall burn in everlasting hell fire.
The man, the man who lives by the gun,
That man shall die, die by the gun.
I've been telling you!

Come home - try on.

And when the Philistines upon the fall,
Fear not who God bless, no man curse.
Jah, let him be thy guiding light,
Righteousness they rod and thy staff.
I've been telling you!

Zion, home land.

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