I Kong - Motherless Child (ft. Judy Mowatt)

- I Kong (Judy Mowatt):
Sometimes I feel, like a motherless child
But then I know, this world is driving me wild
Shouldn't I know, shouldn't I see
That Jah will set I free, every day - in the same day

(No, no) Sometimes I feel (oh, yes I feel)
That life ain't worth, going on (hmm-mmm)
But when I feel, life's energy
Then I know (aah, aah, ah)
That Jah will set I free
That He, sustain me
And I know (yes, I know)
Life's forever free

- Judy Mowatt:
There was a time, I was so broken hearted
With no one to love me, my life was so distorted
Sometimes I feel like a stranger
In the midst of my brothers and sisters
'Cause they like the dark and I love the light
They like when it's cloudy
I love when it's bright
Thanks be to Jah, He came to my rescue

- I Kong (Judy Mowatt):
Father please, give us
Give us your love (give us your love)
Give us your strength - oh God
(We need your strength, Father)
Bless us - shower your love on us, oh my Father
(Shower your love, shower your love, hmm-mmm)
(Oh, oh, oh, oh) Never let us go astray (oh, oh, oh)
I need.. (need..) my Father (my Father) oh, I need
I'mma begging (begging)
I'mma pleading (pleading)
Oh God
Give it to me, Lord..

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