Etana - Heart Broken

I been on the road on tour
Every day I miss more

[Verse 1]
The way you kiss me
The way you hold me
The way your hair smells when I'm near you
I'm reminiscing on
The night before I left
We were drenched in sweat, as I kissed upon your neck
Making love, oh, what a fantasy
I just can't believe that it's only been three weeks
That you're in bed with another girlfriend
You went on weekend till the weekend
You didn't think about me or maybe how I would feel

You broke my heart
You broke my heart
When I heard the news today
You broke my heart
You were with her instead of me
Oh baby, I can't believe, you broke my

[Verse 2]
Should I believe the things you told me?
Are you a-longing to hold me?
You are such a fool, to ruin something good
I wish you would've told me
Instead I heard it from Tracy
She heard it on the news and I've the proof, yeah
Okay, kiss me, hold me, relax me
While you explain to me, who is she, who is she?
Thank you that this may hurt
'Cause now that I've had my share
This is gonna be the last time, I'm gonna be here

You broke my heart
You broke my heart
Don't you do this to me, baby
My heart
I hope that she takes care of you, better than I did
You broke my heart

Whoa-oh, baby
You broke my, whoa-oh, my God
Whoa-oh, my heart has broken in two
Oh, only because of you, baby
You broke my, I love you, baby
I love you, baby
But I gotta go, baby

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