Dexta Daps - Freestyle

Da tap da
Da, da, da, da

Da, da, da, da
Da, da, da, da

Now a the time fi we relax we mind
Start pree rich cah we have to find
Every likkle way fi we dig up the dime
Cah badmind waan see we pick up the nine
Opportunity a no fi we that design
We see chances but we never big at the time
So many place I could a been at the time
Aaah, me figot me rhyme

But just sopm me a reminisce 'pon
How me did blind to the enemies plan
Dem heart waan dip up inna any bleach 'pon
So me convert dem energy to many hit song
Listen long fi you pin point any which one
The whole a dem badder than eleven Tristan
Remember the days when the devil did strong
Thank God seh me ready fi me revelation

First show me do about sever patron
Now me ram up every dance inna every nation
Gyal a scream fi the team, penetration
Black, white, everything, no segregation
The place need rules and regulations
Dem, promise we free education
Please free the trees, no vegetation
Cah we waan get high, elevation

Fi burn Babylon a fi we everyday plan
Dem put every great man under interrogation
See seh dem a try bruk we meditation
Dem a force we fi run weh like every Haitian
One bag a ticky, ticky, like fish pond
Some bruk, some bad, you have many rich one
Dem we do anything dem can benefit from
Nah stay 'pon da topic deh 'cause a no diss song

Walk inna the ghetto weh you see a bare hand
Pare wrong, pare gang
PNN and JLP unno fi shake hand
Share the same plan
Me no know a weh unno a wait 'pon
Positive move we deh 'pon
Cah the youth dem maga like skeleton
Poverty just a follow we anywhere we tun
And we can burst gun too but that no relevant


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