Derrick Morgan - One Morning In May

One morning in May, I went for a walk
I met a little girl, she was strolling along
I asked her if she would a marry to me
She answered and said, "No, my darling, not I"
I worried her, I tease her, I tease her, I worried her
And all the comfort that she could have got
Six months she lies with her faces so bright
And nine months she lie with a pretty sweet boy child


She went to the father for baby's supportance
And all the supportance that she could have got
Was to take her little baby and tie it on her back
And she travelled away to the old shade green tree
And when she got there she sat down and said
"Oh young damsel, take heed of me
Never let young gentlemen enticen your heart
'Cause all your fortune will be taken away"

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