Derrick Harriott - I'm Only Human

You know, it's so hard to be in love,
With someone that don't love you.
And it carries a heavy burden on your heart.
It hurts me to say this,
But I was in love with a girl that didn't love me.
I tried so hard to make this girl care for me,
At one time, I can remember,
I even got down on my knees and I pleaded with her,
I cried. Who says a man doesn't cry?
I know he doesn't cry on the outside,
You bet your life that he cries on the inside.
Belief me, brothers and sisters,
I tried everything, but it was all in vain.
See I now, this has happened to many a boy and girl,
I breaks your heart, oh so bad, doesn't it?
When it was all over, and I saw I didn't stand a chance.
Many a night, when the moon was full,
And the stars from above shun bright,
I look to the heavens and I asked the question:
"Oh Lord, why did you make me human?"

I'm only human, I'm only a man,
And oh, I try my best,
To make life worth living.
I hope one day,
I'll find someone to love me.
And then I'm sure,
Happiness will come my way, oh yeah!
Ooh.. ooh.. aaah!

I wanna say to the fellows who with a girl they love
Hold on her for your dear life fellows.
And girls, if you with a man you love,
Reach out and squeeze him your dear life.
Because tomorrow your next door neighbour,
Might be holding that same someone.
It's not so bad when you lose the one you love to a stranger,
But when you lose someone you love to your best friend,
See I know, that hurts, ahh yes it does.
Opportunity only knocks twice for a very precious gift.

If you could see,
I'm lonely and blue,
Somebody help me.. to find true love again!

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