Dennis Brown - Poor Side Of Town

How can you tell me how much you miss me
When the last time I saw you, you wouldn't even kiss me
Now that rich guy you've been seein'
He must have put you down
So welcome back baby
Back to the poor side of town

To him you were nothin' but a little plaything
Girl, you were not much more
Than just another overnight fling
To me you were the greatest thing, yeah
This boy has ever found
And girl it's hard to find nice things, yeah
On the poor side of town

I don't blame you for tryin', yeah, yeah
I try to make it too, yeah
But I've got a wonderful hang up baby
You know I just can't make it without you

So tell me, yeah, are you gonna stay now?
I wanna know will you stand by me girl
All the way now
Oh, with you, you by my side
I know they can't keep us down
But together we can make it baby
From the poor side of town

Welcome woman
Welcome, welcome, welcome
Well, yeah..


This song is a cover released in 1974. It was originally recorded by rock and roll singer Johnny Rivers and was first released in 1966.

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