Dennis Brown - Play Girl

A-whoah yeah, yeah, yeah

I'd like to know-oh-oh
Why you can't live like a lady?
Didn't you know-oh-oh
That I would find out some day
That you were a play girl, yeah
Yes, you were a little gay girl, yeah

I'd like to know-oh-oh
Why you're hurting me so?
Take life for real and all its glow
Whoah, but never you try to take to much, oh no
What you ain't got, some day it will surely come

Yeah, yeah, whoah, yeah, yeah
Oh yeah, yeah, oh, oh, oh, yeah, whoah yeah..

You were a play girl, yeah
Whoah, yeah
Whoah yeah
It's seems, you're getting crazy, whoa
Or maybe you're just acting glazy

I'd like to know
Why you're hurting yourself so?
After I did the best I could do
Whoah-oh, girl, yeah
You're just being crazy, oh yeah

Ooh, baby, baby, baby
Whoah-oh, oh, oh, oh, yeah..

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