Dennis Brown - Emanuel

Yeah, yeah

The Lord God is with us, yes
He gave us the moon, and the stars and this blessed day

No regrets, no sorrow, nor pain, no, no
Whoa, Jacob he recalls the name, yeah-eh, yeah

My people, don't be misled
My people, think wise instead - come along!
My people, don't be misled, children
My people, think wise instead

Here we are singing and dancing
Together like one family
We all know, we all know
We all know what it is to be free
Let's all sing and pray.. enmity, no, no

My people, don't be misled - come along!
My people, think wise instead, children
My people, don't be misled - don't be misled, no, no
My people, think wise instead

Children, children, children, yeah!

Love and hate can never be friends
Not until, not until
Not until the world comes to an end
Yeah, yeah

Ooh, children, don't be misled
Children, think wisely instead
Children, don't be misled by dem rituals
Whoa, yeah..

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