Damian Marley - Khaki Suit (ft. Bounty Killer & Eek-A-Mouse)

And this is none other than the mighty Bounty Killer
Along with Junior Gong

Yes me lion, a me name Jr. Gong enuh
Me unique DJ, dread
Watch yah
Young Lion (nah no mercy!)
Watch it now... bim!

Well a me name Junior Gong
Me say look how me Natty tall
Who no know me from dem see me
Me a living top-a-notch
See Clarky boot and khaki suit
You think me go a Calabar (nah no mercy)
Well pitty dem no know say every dreadlocks is a star
Ever quick with the lyrics, we never quit when we talk
Fi get a hit you haffi fit equipped fi spit a fire ball
City fit inna me grip and me a squeeze it till it small
Every itty little bitty drip till none no lef; at all
Go tell flipitty lip Philip fi mine how him a talk
No pity like Yosemite, Sam when time when we a war
And dem better know we vehicle and dem better mark we car
And keep a distance no sa ka man will full your face a scar
You go run fi the uptown man dem but a we and dem a 'par
And you run fi the ghetto man dem but a we and dem a 'par
And you run fi the country man dem but a we and dem a 'par
We a bun some ganja spliff weh build up bigger then cigar

Watch yah dread
Flash it a, flash it a

And politician a drive dem car, tell dem no steer come over here
When dem touch down 'pon the ends, you only hear say war declare
Man a clap it inna town and man a clap it inna square
And whole heap a skull a bore and then whole heap a flesh a tear
Wait! Some man a run down Grammy fi the gunman fi the year
And a weh mek poor people haffi live it inna fear
One shirt deh 'pon dem back and dem no have nothing more fi wear
And man one desert a done and still cannot afford a pair
Cannot find no Vaseline fi moisturise dem daughter hair
And the bulla price a rise and it no dearer than the pear
And a so me get fi know say heads a government no care
Cah the money them a share, a crate a Guiness, crate a beer
Cannot pay your little pickney school fee come to end a year
Tell the youth dem say fi get them education and prepare
Rastafari nah go give no man no more than he can bear
Catch a fire, it a bun so tell the 'tican dem beware

Lord a mercy!
Flash it a, flash it a, flash it a
Flash it a, flash it a, flash it a

Warlord and Junior Gong, when you hear that tune yah bomb
Haffi send in number one, you can assume that is the bomb
Fi the gold and bulluion, cah man fi tun hooligan
Like Stephen and Julian, Rasta dem no coolie-man
Babylon dem truly wrong, but dem waan fi fool the man
But dem waan fi gi' we jumped, and dem war dem truly man
I and I a no fool cah me try to school the man
How dem fi try to school the don
Dem say Bounty is the beast in the eye of the beholder
Compare him to Hitler and Ayatollah
Say dem a high roller dem a Babylon stroller
Say that there cold, but Junior Gong colder
Cross, anger

Nah no mercy!
Nah no mercy!

Me muma, me muma, me muma, me muma
Bella bella, bella, bella, bella oy!
Jah know seh she grow me without a pupa
Bella bella, bella, bella, bella oy!
Me only have one big sister and dem kill me bredda
Hey! Dem say that you must fight black power
Hey! Dem man deh bwoy deh back bi bowa
Hey! The bwoy deh a come from Bulava

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