Damian Marley - Half Way Tree (interlude)

Yow! You can imagine that some people never see a coconut tree?
Some people never even see a lizard, or a donkey, a yam hill, a river, you know?
Well where I come from, yuh know I mean,
Where we can hear the birds in the morning time yuh understand.
Wake-up and go get up and go do some running and thing sometime an' t'ing.
Waterfall or what-have-you, yuh understand? Wash all mi locks an' t'ing.
Pick all fruits straight off a the tree an' know seh yeah, fresh munch.
Morning hours an' t'ing. Give all praises and pray.

So that is why this is 'Half Way Tree' 'cause this is where,
This is where the sewers will meet the rivers yu know?
And the skyscrapers will meet the mountains. You know what I mean?
Yeah the streets will meet the beach an' yuh know wha' a mean?
The city will come down to the island, and best of both worlds.
'Cause man have to know the earth,
'Cause the earth is the Lord and the fullness thereof. Selah.

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