Culture - The Boss

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Hey me brethren,you know wha gwaan now?
The boss a sell ticket fi gwaan the moon
A wha gwaan 'bout?

Who gave order to go to the moon?
"Me boss", he say so
Who give order to build a station?
"Me boss", he say so
Who gave order to come Kosovo?
"Me boss", he say so
Who gave the order to bomb Iraq? (Jesus Christ)
"Me boss", he say so

Children, tell me who is the boss
Who is the boss?
Is the boss make life? Or is the anti-christ?
1 John 2:18; 1 John 2:22; 1 John 4:3; 2 John 1:7

Who gave the order to come Vietnam?
"The boss", he say so
Who gave the rights to apartheid in South Africa?
"The boss", he say so
Tell me who is the boss!
And what is? who is this great boss?
All he have for you is a pound of stale rice
And some funny looking ??

What a sinthing!

One, one cocoa full basket
But him tell you that him have mountains of it
All because him waan you get greedy and come catch after it
Then him feed you with grit

Tell me who is the boss (is this right?)
Who is this boss? (Me God!)
Tell me who is this boss
Is he right or is he the anti-Christ?

I read about the seven-headed beast
That shall rise up in this time
I read about him in Revelation
Revelation 13:1; Rev. 17:3; Rev. 17:7

Come to destroy and corrupt our nation, man
Tell me who is this boss (I waan know!)
Who is the boss?
Nuff, nuff law in one different country, me God
Yet come from the same government

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