Chronixx - Puppy Nose (ft. Dre Island)

Right now it's Roots & Chalice
Yes I!
This is strictly Roots & Chalice
Well, if you ain't know now you will know
It's Max Glazer and Federation Sound
And I say, alongside Chronixx, man called Dre Island
Oh yes!
Right at the beginning

Hear what me say
That's why the streets getting hotter still
Nuff people gun shot a kill
Just fi see the pot a fill
Nah stop till dem got a mill
Me deh yha 'pon the spot a buil'
A dodge dem red dot yah, till
Me escape to the top a hill
Where I can hol' a proper chill
Things inna the streets a knock
Louder than a speaker box
Cops find Peter Glock
Tek him head and gi' it a crack
Shoob him inna the seat a back
Him leak out, all beat a flock
Before him get fi meet a doc'

That's why me tell you say, a dissa my philosophy
Everything up inna this a world yah a cost a fee
Da dutty living yah mek me feel like me lost a sea
A just a evil to the victim weh the boss a pree
Yes, Jah Jah know, say me no think, me and the master 'gree
That's why the youths dem in the streets a send cross a ki'
And dutty Babylon dem waan fi see the loss a we
A true the youths dem find a way fi make a faster dream

Dream on
Jah Jah children you must dream on, yeah
'Cause one day you dreams dem mus come true
No bother listen to no demon
Cyaan lock me down, me is a free man

Higher the monkey climb, a the more him exposed
Nuff a say dem hot an a boast
When you check it dem cold like a puppy nose

Yesterday me hear the sup', him announce
Say you fi come down a the station now
Cah anyweh him buck you up outta road
I say, you done know a how it go
'Cause a John Wayne a your hero
You live you life like a cowboy show
A puddily pee, a puddily pie, a puddily pow
You never hear when you granny warn you

She say the higher the monkey climb
A the more him exposed
A nuff a say dem hot an a boast
When you check it out
When you check it out dem cold like a puppy
Like a little, puppy nose
They are so cold
They are so cold
They are so cold

Me nah go run go tek up no badness
Me say, me nah go run go tek up no donship
Donship a something weh you cyaan play with
Inna badness, as you slide, you slip
Madden pick your up body like a bailiff
Tek it from Dre Island, and the one called Chronixx
Deh ya 'pon the mixtape, Roots & Chalice

A roots we roots
Chalwa we chalwa
Bright you bright
And facety too
A prefer the dawg more than you

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