Chronixx - Perfect Tree / Cannabis (ft. Eesah)

- Spoken intro (music video only):
Universal, acceptance of your plant
We no deal with partial acceptance of Rastafari
And that is what Babylon a commit now
Dem waan accept parts of the plant
And you don't do that
Becah, you know, you don't accept part of the mango tree
You have the whole mango tree growing in your yard
All when the mango nah bear 'pon it, ya have the tree
See, so you nah go jus' say alright
Gimme the mango and cut down the tree
And then, if we see how it no other part of the tree, it wrong
No, love the plant, love herb
You hear dun I say
Dem coming medicine ah marijuana
Fi single out parts and aspects of the plant
That dem want to use
And that is all, that order that of economical origins
Which means a man know seh
This part of the plant can make money for me
The rest I cyaan mek money for me
So the rest it bad - no
All a the plant good brethren, all down to the root


High grade never hurt nobody
Let herb be free 'pon the earth, no doubt it


Wrap mi nice and easy, wrap mi nice and slow
In the early morn' how ya turn me on
So, let the good times roll
Say dem try fi separate we
Mi no want no crack fi smoke
Gimme the ital in my brain
And let it, light up in my dome
An' ah me alone waa-aan
Steaming the sensi every time
An' ah me alone waan burnin' every time
I say fi give me the highest grade, I beg you
Oh, it's the perfect tree
Let it light up in my brain, my brother
Whoa, strictly herbs for me

Love my marijuana
It's the perfect tree
Love my marijuana
Strictly herb for me

Eh, no spliff, no build up
Ah the ital steamers ah now chill 'em
This will make you sekkle and cease an 'affi siddung
Upon the cold concrete you haffi lie down
Ease out, as I begin a man start
Jus' a sip up and cough on a green up and laugh
Steam chalice ah no joke thing, ah no smoking
We promoting the lungs dem free of all charges
But we haffi big up all smoke a same way
We smoking true cannabis, nah smoke no ??grave nay??
Nah take no crop fi we brain crash landing - mayday, mayday
Weh me purple haze dey
An' me organic, none a high grade what kind of torture dis
You no see the whole world demand chronic
Haffi supply so we plantin' it

High grade never hurt nobody
Let herb be free 'pon the earth, no doubt it
Exercise your brain and work your body
Right beside the station burnin' collie

Give me the highest grade, it's the perfect tree
Light up in my brain, strictly herbs for me

Cah me go canna- canna- canna- cannabis
And if you nah no want it, then ya can't get none of this
One draw from me spliff, it help me health a jus' a lift
And the chalice it a lik, an' it a lik an' it lik
Haffi run to get a sip, ah mi say quick come mi say quick
??not about mi just so whiff?? offer the sweeter so a piff??
??if you na turn no offer?? up a wave - that's where we at
Blazin' blaze all in the sun, blazin' up
Micah Shemaiah big up the ganja farmer
Plant the marijuana keep me nerves dem calm
A breeze a blow an' rain a drop
Make a didaido make a didaijo fi stay relax
An' ah titato anna fifaifo fi get me props
When we are hunted, link up, scare we frass
An' we no scared ah no male an' no lady cops
Role the riddim like a rizla then blaze the chalk
Wooy - same so we blaze the chalk

Come make we blaze up the chalk like sativa
Make we blaze up the chalk like sativa
Run out a east, and send call Eesah
Ma Gregory gully rock and come in ya
With hundred percent of ji sweet sensimilia
We don't need no rizla fi light up we steamer
Grandma ask how mi herb smell so sweet
'Cause she nah smell a smoke, that's the scent of the greens
You trustize your herb, then repent of your sins
You trustize your herb, then repent of your sins
Father God ah go give you a beating
Fi all the ones them we lock up inna prison
Oh - lock them up fi no reason
Still we planting herb fi all season
Autumn, winter, summer, spring
An' mi no join the bagga long talking

We the one from puppah Chronixx and we write the riddim
Grab up the microphone and me say what a sinthing
And nuff say dem a rap but Jah Jah know seh man a sing
And nuff say dem a prince but Jah Jah know seh man a king
Teflon a red a runnin' a the marijuana thing
Demand the of the carpet to call a melody
Flowtown in the sky ah no crash landing
What I want from puppah chronixx man no crash landing
Pass mi herb a the friend some thing
Gimme mi chalice a the friend some, ease

Yeah - whenever you know this is strictly herbs, you know
Holy stickly - herb for food, herb for thought
Herb for meditation, herb for medication, ease
Yeah - for what is a tree without roots?
That's right we say roots and chalice, you know
'Cause the chalice is what, open your eyes
So you can discover your roots, ease

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