Chronixx - Majesty

There's something about you, girl
And I don't think it's just your smile
I don't know how to say it now
I've been thinking for a while
The best way to say it, woman
Your energy is right, yeah (so right)

Before I hold you in my arms (hold you close in my arms)
I wanna hold you in my heart (hold you close in my heart)
Before were share our love upon that bed
(Share our love, share our love)
I wanna place this crown own upon your head, woman (woman)

Girl, you're my queen majesty
Hey, you are my queen majesty
Don't you know you are my queen majesty
Oh, you are my queen majesty

Queen a the jungle, you are the lioness
Other feline a grumble
But you're always trying your best
So when the whole world a crumble
Your lion is alright (alright)

Hmm, before I hold you close (just before, hold you close)
Oh girl, I wanna let you know (woman, let you know)
That when all is done and all is said (all is done, all is said)
You deserve that crown upon your head, woman (woman)

I say, queen majesty
Don't you know you are my queen majesty
Yes, you know you are queen majesty
You are my queen, baby (majesty)

You know
So hear me now
Well me say
Cleopatra, Queen of Sheba, Nefertiti, a you highera feature
Empress Menen I beautiful creature
You summarize every queen of the east, ease out
Every night crawler and gully creeper
An' me no know 'bout no Mona Lisa
But me know Venus and Serena
Undisputed, Queen Omega
Tj-ri-bi-bang, come ri-bi-bang-skeng, girl
All good and you nah no problem, girl
Killer body, your physique shot dem, bow
Straight greens, no visit hog pen
A the majesty, a it a mad dem
All 'bout a me get up and a sing a anthem, girl
Cross my heart, say me plead from when
A one queen star all me love songs dem, non-stop
A one queen star all me love songs dem from top
And a one queen star all me love songs dem, ease out

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