Christopher Martin - Cheers (Drink To That) Freestyle

Yo, Chrome
C. Martin, yeah
Yo, Chrome
Listen da one yah now

Me a fly in one of me girls from Sweden
Lord, she's hot, yeah eeh yeah
The likkle one weh me fly in from Finland...
Go a Fiction, every jaw drop in deh
Now, the one from France, a she me waan come down
Because she's hot enough fi run the town
Woii, me girlfriend a yard say she waan married
And, you know me no inna that!
No, me no inna that!

Me girl say, life too short fi she home alone miserable, yeah
Say, she no know wha' me a do
When me tell her say, "Me a touch the road", yeah
She have her mind 'pon me
Me have me mind 'pon Karen... from foreign
And Sharapova waan come over come join Karen
You know what a go happen
Pick up me Blackberry phone
A me girl from the motherland, yeah
She bring a whole bag of money
And a me she waan spend it 'pon, yeah
Me a go cheat 'pon me girl this weekend
With me girl from Zimbabwe
Every girl a say me deserve a beating
But you know a weh the thugs dem say
"Nah mek one girl hold we down...
After we a no girl clown"
Every man weh have a gyal from foreign
Right yah now just buss a blank to this!
Oh, buss a blank to this!

Yo, freestyle but me style don't free yah now, no
Chrome alone can get me do this, you know, know
Me no write down nothing, everything me just spitting, spitting
Urban Monday's, so make sure you lock in, yeah
A the Cheater's Prayer me a tell unno look out, enuh, yeah
It a go boom down everywhere, from yah so straight to Toronto, yeah
Drink to a cheater's weekend
Team No Sleep, big up
Yeah eeh yeah

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