Christafari - Meet The Teachers (Interlude)

Seymour the Seagull here
With a bird's-eye view of another sunny Sunday morning
In the twin island republic of Yeahman & Noman
With much of the staff on a holiday of their own this week
The beach resort management is left with no other option
But to bring in a rag-tag crew
Of unconventional teachers to lead the children
Let's drop in on 'em

All right kids, attention! Quiet please
Attention! Line up, line up, make a straight line
Since we're a bit short staffed today
I have had to make some creative staffing decisions
Today we have a raggamuffin Sunday school teaching crew

Hello teachers!

And this vagabond crew consists of Nigel the Iguana
Wait now man, I'm a chameleon!
Nigel the Iguana (Cha!)
Calypso the singing coconut
Calypso sweet, Calypso sweet
'Cause Calypso the Coconut he is Calypso sweet, ya man
Calypso sweet, Calypso sweet
'Cause Calypso the Coconut he is Calypso sweet
That sounds good!

Excuse me, can we keep these introductions a little bit shorter?
Sorry man
And Manu the know-it-all Mango
At your service

Whew! That guy is a bit ripe! For real
Boy I'll say! Oh man
Thank you very often
And today we are going to teach Reggae Sunday School

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