Busy Signal - Welcome

Hey! Tell all gyal pickney, "yes, dem welcome!"
And gwaan bubble pon the thing and sit down
And glimmity-glammity, you're born with the gum
Gyal, squeeze me tight because you're body can't done annnd
Done, done
Done, can't done
Done, da-da-done, da-done, done, done
Dem a catch heart attack when you whine and go down

And lyrics a punch like a Mike McCallum
And watch the pirates dem a run come
And anyweh me go sexy girls gather 'round
Dem keep it tropical cah dem hot like the sun
And walk a walk, mmmmm, run a run
Knife a knife, mmmm, gun a gun
Gun, gun, gun-gu-gun, try no get gunned down
'Cah wha' come out of that, dawg, you no waan none
Get one out of that, and 'pon your back you lie down
And man run, escape when police come
And time fi statement, nobody no give none
And why you think you get two eyes, two ears
One nose, one tongue, chatty mouth, go sit down
Better you observe and stop beat up your gums
And people's business, you no fi fast inna none

High grade inna my cranium (mamama)
Man a go hard like a titanium
Me walk out, lock the whole stadium
The amount of gyal me get, me never yet pay fi none
Some boy love call off gyal phone
The boy a pest you gyal, leave that alone
A bedroom bully dem yah gyal want at home
And dem love it when me have dem inna comfort zone
Zone, zone, dem yah gyal inna comfort zone
Come over baby, come sit down 'pon me throne
Cah me love fi hear your voice inna the sweet, sexy tone
Me just burn a spliff, beat a one magnum
Long, long love, nah lef' me condom
Gyal come check me when you waan fi have fun
You have a boring man, me say fi give the boy bun!
Bun, bun, from him pop down, give the boy bun
Bun, bu-bun-bun, bu-bun, bun, bun
With a tin of tasty cheese when Easter come

Hellshire weh me and me gyal go sit down
Two parathion, the bammy dem a steam down
She order the drinks when the waitress come
Little more after that, a pure loving, can't done
'Pon the bed, mmmmm, 'pon the ground
'Pon the couch, mmmmm, all around
She run come upstairs, then she go down
Inna me house she a run up and down
Down, da-da-down, da-down, down, down
Down, da-down, da-da-da-da-down
Whole heap of love, weh the girls dem gimme
Any which part the gyal dem see me, mmmm
See me, mmm, see me
Gyal say she waan, "keep it busy"
One touch, me touch her, she get dizzy
Mmm dizzy, hmm-mmm, dizzy
Inna me pocket weh me dip in and me dilly
Say she waan go Miami, say she waan go a Philly
Then she plan fi drop a New York City
Amount of things she a go carry back fi me
If a no telephone, a 'pon the Skype she a see me
Badman she rate, she no waan one weh silly

London no take talk from nobody
USA, as we see the food, we a grab it!
Yes, me haffi big up all of the cabbie's
A one just drop me next girl a the lobby
Real spenders, the table haffi ram
And me pocket haffi have plenty grand
Anyweh me go, me say, me have nuff woman
Me no walk inna crew, and me no follow back of man
Man mmmmm, man mmmmm, man
Mama man, me a no mama man, mmmm
Me no follow back a, man
Mama man, me a no mama man, mmmm
Man mmmm, man mmmm
Man, m-m-man mmmm..

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