Busy Signal - Certain Money (aka Mi Love Money)

Hothead Turf, Stainless (yea)
As far as me see
Nuff a dem out deh waan things
But dem don't waan work fi it, no
Me nah watch no man pocket
Hothead Turf, no watch no man pocket
Gangster, no watch no man pocket
Yo, me tell you this

Me love money
But a no every money a good money
Me no want no clean teeth with no hollyhood money
Hustle fi weh me want, Hot head a hustle hard
Fi dem owna push come to shove money

Me love money
That's why ghetto youth a hustle harder
Me love US, but me prefer Pound because it broader
Bruce nah run the place right ask Seaga
Still me stepping up me hustle fi the dollar

Me love money
But me nah watch no bwoy pocket
Me nah see the old woman purse and go grab it
Me nah see the people dem vehicle and go scrap it
Me work fi me paper, then me stock it

Me love money
But me nah go join no man account
Lef' out certain numbers when badman a count
Wear me owna things when badman a go out
Straight money that's what badman about

Me love money
Still me nah go do certain deeds
Me would a never bleach, me hair never have in beads
No man cyaan call me honey, cah me no bees
Me no wear tights me pants nah squeeze

Me love money
Yeah, but a no every money clean
Some money bend up and some money lean
Some money mek you switch from your owna team
Even when you have it, you a flex mean

Me love money
Ghetto youths no sell out sell out
Root of all evil mek you get shell out shell out
Man a pree weh you base and weh you dwell out
Next thing dem dump you swell out and smell out

Me love money
Mek sure when you step you have a money
Your owna liquor, your owna weed and grabba money
'Cause some bwoy a collect a bag a money
Monopoly money, man a beg dem and a give dem another money

But no bwoy cyaan give me no smile fi no coil
'Cause man a gyallis, that's my style from a child
That's why me prefer work hard
Me no fish fi no man have me a steam and jerk hard

But no gyal nah mine me,
No man cyaan stand up in front nor behind me
Hustle fi weh me want, a so God design me
Inna no cockpit no bwoy cyaan fly me
Me see dem with dem nastiness, go tell dem no try me
Inna dem bag a su-su-sus, no confuse me nor tie me
Hothead Turf no mix up inna dem things fi dem style we
We hustle fi the paper from we small and we tiny

Me love money
A no everything Hothead tolerate
No gyal cyaan kimbo, deh a me gate and a wait
A tell me fi forward because it too late
She better cut 'cause a no she a put the food 'pon me plate

Mon-mon money
Even though the thing set a way
Fi the money right yah now, me prefer DJ
Hothead Turf no support no act inna no play
Cah the whole a the play dem out deh say the actor dem a stray

Money (Hothead)
Work fi weh you waan
Have your owna things, yeah
Youths on the grind all the time and a hustle fi the dime
It muss reach the million bracket, we nah stop climb
Hahahaha, you see it

Me love money
Believe me
Me love money

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