Busy Signal - All In One

Hot Head!
Hey! Jah know! Unno 'member this?
You see it?!
Hey, a the Turf
And we haffi give thanks fi life and freedom, you know?
And the I-ngels
Hot Head!

'Member when me couldn't afford not even bread
T'eif ackee off a tree, drop off, bust me head
Jump over wall fi a fight white squall
Hungry beat we, make we bawl
Used to conduct 'pon bus
Armpits used to green and musty, black and crusty
And now the way me clean, bare gyal start run in
Never dream say so much would a rush me

Step out black again
Thing dem a shot again
Extradited from Jamaica, Jah free me back again
Jailhouse?! Make me tell you this... not again!
Miss me gyal dem bad, some a dem look 'round and some look fat again
Watch out fi this! The whole world lock again
Watch out fi this! Rise it up to the top
Rihanna sing "Come Over", the whole world shock again
Fucker dem...
Never expect me fi stand up again
Fucker dem...
Not going down, me rising up again
Hot Head a hot head, me nah go mix up with the bluffer dem
Take it to the street, where the street life is tough again
Rough again, through the speaker, things a buss again

Hey... you know a next thing

Ain't this amazing, me say hot head inna me blazing
While I'm elevating, me see badmind, dem a debating
Some a dem chat bare things, wonder who dem intimidating?
Style and performance, the whole a dem get five star rating
Haters keep hating my bankbook inflating
Nuff a dem no know 'bout bun bun and pot scraping
Father God a my guide and my shield, I will praise Him
Still praise Him, Jah!, a so me a hail Him
Tell dem say, highest a the highest plant, keep it blazing
Real Kush hints this, a no grass one
Yo, me change up me thing, me run me own a program
Tell dem say, dem might win some, but dem just lost one

Hold on then
That a never the last song
Hey dawg, you see more while

Your best friend becomes your enemy, enemy
Watch who you do road with, and a 'par with, and a talk with
Enemy, dem a enemy
Nuff a dem only a bun out your energy
Hey! Pretend you're sick, see which friend cut
See which one chat nuff, and which one stick
Hey! Pretend your broke and no have no money fi a month
See which one pull, and disappear, and stunt

You stretch out your hand and give some a dem things every day a the month
Dem say you never do nothing for dem a day in dem life
Dem love the war and strife
Hot Head!

Dem sidung and chew 'pon me name like a Wrigley's
Remarks a pass, but me no business
Me run me own a business
Ambitious entrepreneur, direct me business
Ask Gong or Shaggy
Jay Z, Sean Paul, Sizzla Kalonji 'bout the business
Dem say this and say that 'bout Busy
But Jah know, me no bloodclaat business!

All a the gyal dem a fi me
Man a gyallis...whole heap a gyal 'pon me gyal list

And me a roll with me five ex-gyal, inna me gyal X5
Me style and swagger boosts gyal sex drive
Some a dem couldn't hold, so give dem a next ride
Gyal, prepare fi the best ride
Man a gyallis
Nuff gyal deh 'pon me gyal-list
I'm a gyal-analyst, gyal-physicist
Nuff gyal a rotate 'pon me gyal-axis
Me have me own gyal-eria and gyal-axies

Hot Head!
As easy as that
A wha' happen to some puss kitten?!
Hey Waltham, Salem, St. Ann!
Papine, Portmore!
A Kingston, no a Spanish Town

Stop me? Impossible
My flow, unstoppable
Whereabouts, untrackable
Dem a glass, the crackable
Me real, dem hackable
Google me, I'm mapable
Time piece, yachts
Yo, the broad face Rolex with the diamond dem, a shot
Everything attractable
Vehicle, mash up the road, lef' it earthable
Hardtop convertible
Haters, I'm not girth-able
Your girl, slap-able
For real, lizard lap-able
Bible to the rifle
Rifle to the Bible
Towers to the Eiffel
Fighting fi the title
Haters to the badmind, knock dem out to the Tyson
Big up Richie Spice, 'everything is a cycle'
In a whole new world, Peabo to the Bryson and, Rodney to the Price and, firearm to the lice and
Tell dem already me tell dem again, say me gone with the cake and the icing
Some a dem a live inna loo, loodi to the dice and
Brrrup, Bus'!
Brrrrrup... yo!

Hot Head!
Yo! Haha
Me feel say me fi DJ some more
Wha' you say? Expensive style some more?
Next riddim! Cah me tell some bwoy... don't try this at home!
Do not try this in studios!
Else you haffi go do it live too

Hot Head!
Haters, stop call me name
Ice 'pon me gold, that's all me aim
Ambition, that's all me claim
Badmind waan fi fall me fame
Wha' you a try do, stop me game?
Wha' you a try do, pop me brain?
Pray to the Most High, Jah, weh strike the lightning, thunder, fall the rain
Cyaan stop now, so far me came
Circle the block 'pon all the lane
Nuff a dem waan you pop down out a road or some a dem waan you lame
'Member say murder start with Cain
Nuff a dem waan give you all the blame
Six a one, half dozen a the other, yo, it's all the same

Hot Head!
Turf, Turf, Turf
Brrrup, Bus'!
Hey, Clarendon!
St. Thomas!
Hey, Portland!
Hey, St. Best!
Gyal-daville !
Mobay, Trelawny!
Hot Head!

Me no walk back a dem and beg liquor
Nah beg rizzla nor grabba
Tell dem, we alright, alright
Real thugs, alright, alright
Yo, again
Have me vehicle, so me nah beg no drive
Believe inna God, so me always a strive
Cah me alright, alright
Tell dem me alright
Yo, Hot Head!

Brrrrrup, Bus'!
Yo, get real dark, like when storm a come
Strapped, like when King Alarm a come
Some a dem water down
A Busy this by the way
Some bwoy fi know Turf president inna the resident, you see it?
Big up Facta, Johnny Killa, Shia
Yes Iyah
Eh heh
Brrrrrup, Bus'!

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