Bob Andy - You Don't Know

You don't know.. how
You make your family feel
To do the things you know are real
Say the things you please
They say you're in cocaine
Ah, you should change your name
They even say you're insane

You don't know.. how
You make your teachers feel
When you write the things you know
Discuss the things you've learned
They say you're dropping out
You'll be a thief without a doubt
For a youth your heart's too stout

You should know.. how
You make your rich friends dumb
To hear you're in the slums
Existing just on crumbs
They don't know the peace within
That you share with your ghetto's kin
You're tired of rich happenings


You don't know.. how
You make the society frown
When you walk the streets in town
They laugh: "There goes that clown"
They say you're looking slim
Ah, you should be sweating out in a gym
You even need a trim

They don't know.. how
It gives you joy inside
To see them run and hide
When bills flows in like tide
They should be walking proud
Express themselves aloud
Not hiding from the collecting crowd

Do, do, do, do..

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