Life.. it's so strange,
It's full of fun and games.
Then sorrow and pain,
It's empty, yet so full.
It feels so warm and then so cold.
Will I ever understand the meaning of life?
Oooh life.. I just don't know.

The pain and despair,
It sometimes feels so unfair.
The friends you've cherished,
They've turned so cold.
It seems like they've all travelled home,
To their own world.
Will I ever understand the meaning of life?
As the day passes by,
Life gets more painful to bear.
There are few around you who really care.
You look side to side for a shoulder to cry,
And everyone just passes you by..

Oooh life.. oh how I long to see,
When I will live my life in peace and harmony.
When pain and sorrow will be no more,
And loneliness will walk out the door.
Maybe then I will understand the meaning of life,
I really hope that I understand the meaning of life.

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