Alton Ellis - Praise Jah It's Christmas

Whoa oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, praise

(Praise Jah it's Christmas)
Yes, 'cause it's the only way
This season of the year
When peace on earth we'll share
'Cause of the little Child she beared
(Praise Jah it's Christmas)

Because peace on earth, the angel did sing
Goodwill to all mankind
Peace in your heart you'll find
Release your love and care
For all the world to share
(Praise Jah it's Christmas)


Uh, huh
When the children play
And the children's laughter
Seems to say
We're living in a better world today...
Well, well
(Praise Jah it's Christmas)

'Cause this love... will abide-ide
Children laughter every day
Hear the children's play
(Praise Jah it's Christmas)
Praise, praise Jah while we sing
When everybody living is so...
(Praise Jah it's Christmas)
So you've gotta praise
Gotta praise Jah for all good things
While we singing...
(Praise Jah it's Christmas...)

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